MYKAFUL.COM is a digital portal that helps you to compare, choose and buy Shariah Compliant Automotive (Takaful) complete with the service to renew and deliver road tax to your front door. This service is very easy, affordable, save and trustworthy. Aside of the complete after sales service to ensure that you receive full continuous support. We are only providing you with an takaful cover that is Shariah Compliant, which is Takaful to ensure that you are protected in this life and the next.

Although the main goal of insurance and Takaful is almost similar (to provide financial aid towards risks such as accidents), there are several small key differences but both are of equal importance. Within the conventional insurance governed by commercial scale, the Takaful system leans more on the concept of teamwork and responsibility. Governed by the Shariah Advisory Council, Takaful would have to adhere to several principles of Islam – most importantly to be cleanse of any elements of ‘gharar’ (doubt) in terms of contribution and protection, ‘maisir’ (gambling) and ‘riba’ (benefits)

- MYKAFUL.COM offers a one-in-all service, where customers are able to download E-Certificate directly from the portal as soon as payments has been made, customers also would be able to access the MYKAFUL.COM portal anytime to download any E-Certificate if needed. Customers are also allowed access to the portal to create any sort of endorsement following the terms and conditions. Aside from that, we have prepared many other support services for customers.


- The contribution differs for each insurance following the available Takaful Provider. Due to this, MYKAFUL.COM had prepared all quotations offered by the Takaful Provider. With this, you would be able to make smart choices by choosing your own Takaful Provider that offered prices that is suited for you.

  • - That’s easy. Visit www.MYKAFUL.COM
  • - Enter your Vehicle Number and several other mandatory information to verify your vehicle and you will receive No Claim Discount (NCD).
  • - Within few seconds, you will receive a quotation from a suggested Takaful Provider. Should you need quotation from other Takaful Provider, you are required to enter your telephone number and email that is verified and you will receive all of the quotations from the available Takaful Provider to compare.
  • - Make your choice, pay online and the E-Certificate together with a formal receipt can be downloaded after a successful payment has been made.
  • - If you require road tax, MYKAFUL.COM also provides this service. This is our added value service, to save your time and money. We will send it to your desired address across the Peninsular.
  • Your purchase is complete and the road tax will be delivered to your desired address. You are not required to leave your home.

- Every successful transaction will generate a formal MYKAFUL.COM e-Resit and E-Certificate of the Takaful Company in a PDF format that is available for download once the payment process is completed. Should you run into any issues or have questions about this service, you would be able to contact our officers to ask for assistance through our hotline 012-3769527 or email us at care@mykaful.com

  • - Credit/Debit Card
  • - FPX Online Transfer

Yes. Refunds are subjected to the terms and conditions of the applied Takaful Provider.

The MYKAFUL.COM system would do a direct verification check with the JPJ system; meaning that any incorrect information would be informed to you immediately.

MYKAFUL.COM will only take around 3 to 5 minutes to process your request.

  • Contribution Takaful
  • Road Tax Payment (if necessary)
  • Delivery charges (if necessary)
  • SST and Stamp Duty
  • For any affairs related to MYKAFUL.COM portal: 03-87419527 (from 9.00AM till 6.00PM – Monday to Friday) or send us an email at: help@MYKAFUL.com.my (24/7).
  • For any emergencies/breakdowns, roadside assistance, you may reach out to the 24 Hours Emergency Help marked above your road tax sticker protector. It is also available on your policies:

Etiqa Takaful: 1-800-88-6491

Takaful Ikhlas: 1-800-88-1186

Takaful Malaysia: 1-800-88-8788

Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad: 1-300-88-6222